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Leaf Architecture

We are fascinated by the active role that space can play within the learning journey. Fundamentally, we are architects and education planners with a focus on learning spaces in all the shapes and forms that may take.

We acknowledge through our research that “the third teacher” – namely space – can shape how we use space as teachers and students, bringing us through the discovery and guiding us towards deeper understanding. Be it through a tactile experimentation, or reflections in a social setting, or via collaboration on a multifaceted project that leans on everyone’s unique abilities and interests.

Overall, learning spaces are not what we know from the past, they are more like what we know from today and tomorrow. The spaces that draw us together, the spaces that promote working and engagement.

To enquire how we can assist you in developing your learning space give Leaf Architecture a call today on (02) 8076 4281 or 0408 285 070.

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Why we do what we do

We believe that learning spaces that foster curiosity and challenge learners is a foundational element for the next generation economy.

We need to create agile thinkers, curious minds and adaptive people in our fluid and every evolving society.

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How We Work

Our processes are the pride of our studio. We hold great pleasure in taking the time to get to know you as an educator and the pedagogical vision as our guiding foundation, which in turn informs our designs and your learning environment.

We like to start with our Learning Space Master Plan, which sets the overall vision and goals for each of the learning spaces. The Learning Master Plans establish a benchmark for the architects, education planners and the educators to strive towards, whilst laying out a foundation combined with the progressive steps to achieve these goals in a practical manner.

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The Learning Space Master Plan

We question to Learn

Interior Design Parramatta, Architecture School Leichhardt, Learning Architecture Hurstville, Childcare Architecture Wollongong, Commercial Architecture Bathurst

Commercial Architecture Mascot, Education Architecture Bathurst, Education Design Wollongong, Architecture School Newcastle, Learning Architecture Parramatta, Interior Design Bathurst

Together we Innovate and craft the third teacher to reflect the pedagogy

Then we Challenge to disrupt pre-existing paradigms

Creative Architecture Leichhardt, Commercial Architecture Parramatta, Education Architecture Wollongong, Education Planning Newcastle, Interior Design Strathfield Childcare Architecture Leichhardt, Architecture School Parramatta, Education Architecture Mascot, Learning Architecture Bathurst, Interior Design Newcastle, Creative Architecture Wollongong

Create and build together the learning environment of the future

So we Design for you, the learners and the future generations

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Once we establish the Learning Space Master Plan, we then dive into a greater level of detail with the Learning Design Workshops.

We do this by focusing on the five following goals:

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Intro - Learning Space Master Plan

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The Five Goals of Leaf Architecture

These five goals; People, Community, Sustainability, People and Research; underpin all our work, communication and design processes. We believe in these principles as we have found our spaces to engage with the community and the people who live, work, learn and play in them because of this deeper enquiry.

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Architecture School Strathfield, Learning Architecture Newtown, Education Architecture Sydney, Childcare Architecture Wollongong, Interior Design Parramatta, Education Design Bathurst

We create spaces for people, we firmly believe that the greatest learning environments leave a lasting impression on people which serve their day to day needs with a hint of magic.

To design a learning space for you, we excite our natural curiosity on how you live, work, learn and play. Through this enquiry process, we engage with all stakeholders to gain a thorough understanding of you, our client.

Education Planning Sydney, Childcare Architecture Newcastle, Interior Design Strathfield, Learning Architecture Newtown, Architecture School Parramatta, Education Design Mascot

The design and the delivery of a school must be driven by the community and its people under your leadership. Our communication and design process change to reflect the needs of the client and stakeholders.

Equally so, it is often the case where divergent ideas or needs can be synthesized to accommodate the core requirements under a creative approach to design. We are passionate about this process because we have seen it deliver better results through greater understanding.

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We view sustainability in a holistic sense, including all facets of the social, economic and environmental contexts.

As our focus is on the learning environment, we always challenge each decision by asking “will this assist with the learning”. The design of environmentally friendly buildings can become the framework for learning tools by demonstrating how much power, water and materials we use on a day to day basis. Through knowledge, simple changes in mindset and decision making can have life-long impacts.

Education Planning Marrickville, Architecture School Leichhardt, Education Design Newcastle, Learning Architecture Parramatta, Childcare Architecture Wollongong, Commercial Architecture Hurstville

We view place making in a multifaceted sense, starting with the individual experiences of people within, through to the experience of people in the broader context of the community.

Our intent is to leave a memorable experience for people as they live, work, learn and play guided by introducing a sense of ‘ naturalness’ to a space.

In the context of establishing areas, our focus has been to develop opportunities for casual interactions using the school as the glue, thereby drawing people, communities and Parishes together.

Architecture School Newcastle, Commercial Architecture Parramatta, Education Architecture Leichhardt, Learning Architecture Bathurst, Childcare Architecture Newtown, Education Design Wollongong

The team at Leaf Architecture is committed to the continual exploration of ideas within the Learning Environment and beyond. Our team regularly seeks out research papers, study tours, site visits, conferences, lectures and literature within education theory and its impact on architecture.

Our director –Daniel Smith– is the chair elect of the Learning Environments Australasia NSW chapter. This link to the peak body provides an avenue through to the greatest minds in education and design, thereby enabling future trends within pedagogies to inform your design.

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Who We Are

We are passionate architects and enthusiastic education planners, all with a love of learning spaces. At Leaf Architecture, we provide comprehensive services ranging from broad scale master planning, to concept design, to construction documentation, interior design services and education planning.

This varied approach, when applied in full can enable an informed and robust pedagogy to permeate through to each design decision. We also acknowledge that not all schools can take on the full scope of service, therefore we can tailor a package to suit your needs.

Above all we love design and we are passionate about the learning environment. We are grateful to be involved with our schools, no matter what their budget constraints may be.

Our approach is fundamental, explore simple means to achieve great things and have fun in the process!

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Education Design Leichhardt, Architecture School Sydney, Education Planning Bathurst, Commercial Architecture Wollongong, Education Architecture Newcastle, Education Planning Hurstville

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Where we work

Our reputation for innovation and creative design of learning spaces takes us far and wide.

The team at Leaf Architecture are excited to work with schools in any community, simply put, we work anywhere from Leichhardt to Parramatta to Bathurst and beyond.

The call of working with school communities with a need to improve the outcomes of their students is all the motivation we need. Our current projects extend from Sydney to Condobolin to Shellharbour.

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Commercial Architecture Sydney, Childcare Architecture Parramatta, Creative Architecture Newcastle, Learning Architecture Wollongong, Education Design Hurstville, Education Planning Leichhardt

Come work with our team

Are you looking to reinvent yourself and get a head start in a growing industry? Then look no further than Leaf Architecture. Give us a call today on (02) 8076 4281 or 0408 285 070 for further information on our services and fees.

Alternatively, you can send us a message via the enquiry form on our contact page and we will endeavour to get back to you ASAP!

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